Dave Elwert is a versatile musician and accomplished producer hailing from the heartland of Indiana. With an early start in music, he first tickled the ivories at the age of 4, and by 10, he was setting rhythms on the drums. His journey through the world of music led him to graduate with a degree in Music Business, with a specialization in audio engineering. 

Dave's career has been a harmonious blend of touring and producing. He's shared stages with a diverse array of acts, from regional favorites to nationally recognized artists like Runaway June, Logan Mize, Kellie Pickler, and even a short set with the legendary Sheryl Crow. His travels have taken him to 38 countries, with Japan holding a special place in his heart. Currently, Dave wears multiple hats as the drummer, playback engineer, and music director for the acclaimed country trio, Runaway June, showing his versatility both on and off the stage. 

When he's not on the road, he retreats to his home studio in Columbus, IN, where he crafts music, both for himself and others. When it comes to his own songwriting, Dave has an unwavering commitment to authenticity and honesty. He's not one to chase fame and fortune but rather strives for a legacy of songs that he can look back on with zero regrets. His mantra is clear: "That, to me, is how I define success." 

Dave's influence spans a wide range of genres. Growing up, he immersed himself in the sounds of the Beach Boys, Motown, Springsteen, and the alternative rock and grunge scene of his teenage years. College introduced him to piano-driven artists like Ben Folds Five, Bruce Hornsby, and Billy Preston, shaping his early songwriting. Over the years, his musical horizons have expanded, embracing country music while maintaining a balance with other genres. 

Dave describes himself as a jack-of-many-trades, and a master of none, but his prowess is undeniable, as he has proven to remain in demand among Nashville music community and his home state of Indiana. When asked for advice, Dave's wisdom shines through: "Be yourself, but be open to critique, and never stop learning." It's a testament to his dedication to his craft and his ongoing journey in the world of music.