I’m Dave.  Yeah, I’m writing my own bio…  So now that we’ve established how uncool I am, I’ll go ahead and tell you a little about myself.  I’m a thirty-something year old Hoosier, Indiana born and raised.  I’ve called a few different cities around here “Home”, but my wife and I planted our roots in her hometown of Columbus, Indiana in 2014, and I think we’re here to stay. 

I’m incredibly grateful for parents who took notice of and nurtured my passion for music from an early age.  They are still to this day my biggest supporters.  At age 4, I started piano lessons.  I struggled through them because I played by ear.  I vividly remember my teacher giving me the sheet music for “Jingle Bells” and thinking to myself, “I already know this one!”  I didn’t practice it.  I showed up to my lesson the next week and played Jingle Bells for her.  It was the same song, but not the same arrangement, or even in the same key.  I had learned it a long time ago and thought I could fool her.  Needless to say, I was wrong.  At age 15, I picked up drums as a secondary instrument, which quickly became my primary focus.  I practiced hard and often.  Drumming was my identity during my high school years.  I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t great at sports, but I was okay at drums for my age.  In 2002, I went to college and realized I had a long way to go if I was going to play professionally.  During that time, I was also exposed to a lot of new music.  I grew up on Motown, Beach Boys, Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and a whole lot of 90’s rock.  My college years introduced me to artists like Ben Folds, Bruce Hornby, Billy Preston, Steely Dan, AC/DC, Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and so many others.  It changed everything.  I started writing more, piano made a comeback, and I even mustered up the courage to sing a little in my college band.  Drumming took a back seat for a while.  I graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Music Business in 2006.    

Immediately following college, I began managing a music venue for 2 years, booking the artists, promoting the concerts, and teaching drum lessons on the side. I also worked as the bandleader at my local church on the weekends.  In 2008, I quit all of that to pursue my singer/songwriter ambitions.  I went at it hard for about 3 years.  I played as many shows as I could, did all of the things that I thought one must do to succeed, then eventually realized it wasn’t for me.  I have continued to write and record my own records and don’t plan on stopping, but I no longer aspire to tour as a singer/songwriter.  Recording my own records has connected me with lots of other artists and musicians.  These relationships have opened many doors for touring as a player as well as working as a producer and engineer.  For the last 11 or 12 years, this has become my place in the music world.  I love it.  It allows me to work in a variety of ways, with a variety of people, and on a variety of music.

I spend about half of the year on the road as a touring drummer.  In 2020, I accepted an invitation to start drumming for the acclaimed country/pop trio, Runaway June.  It is going to be an exciting year of tours, including the “Country To Country” tour in Europe and Australia, as well as supporting Luke Bryan on the back half of his “Proud To Be Right Here” tour.  When I’m home, I produce records in my studio that I like to call, “The Bivy.”  You can learn more about that by clicking the link on my homepage.  

If you made it all the way through this bio, bless your heart!  I hate talking about myself, but I’ve been told I need a bio, so here yuh go.  Bio complete.  Thanks for taking an interest!